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Artist Statement
I observe and examine the nature of relationships, gender roles and social positions. Using text, repetition, and the cultural symbolism of clothing, I reveal the struggles between the internal and external self, boldly exposing the distinctions, expectations, conflicts and joys that exist individually and between the sexes. As a child, I explored creation and art making with untraditional materials from my parent’s display store. These “toys” triggered my imagination and would later play an important role in the connection between the content of the work and my artistic interpretation, helping me to create a coherent, iconographic, personal vocabulary.
For me, nothing is exempt as an art making tool, but I choose to work with mixed materials that bridge the gap between art and craft and which almost always reference the past. Most often, I deconstruct vintage textiles and printed papers, such as magazines, comic books, cookbooks, romance novels, catalogs, music sheets and atlases. They are then transformed into something entirely different by cutting, folding, sewing and gluing. I also knit or crochet a variety of metal wires, including silver, nickel, brass, and copper. Each piece is embellished with embroidery, trim, buttons, costume jewelry, glitter and hardware store items. Furniture, paint, and gold and silver leaf may be used to complete the work.

Materials, technique, and text are combined to create work that is emotional, psychological and historical with many complicated layers and multiple meanings. Text, as the finishing element, is often tender, ironic or humorous; a way for me to converse with the viewer. It is always used as a tool for connection and social commentary, bringing the entrenched habits of daily rituals and thoughts into the public forum.
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